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Today partly sucked, partly rocked, and another 40% of me losing my mind.

Cisco – We reviewed the section we are on and then took the test. I got a C so I am pretty happy. Andrew on the other hand got a very bad result.

Economics – We worked on our board game all period. The board is 50% done and we are working on the pieces and other ideas. I hope it ends up being due on Thurday because it is taking a really long time.

English – We did a journal entry responding to an article we read. Then we went on to acting out the book.

Computer Repair – John and I worked on getting a computer from XP to 2000. We had the same kind of video error from yesterday, but my magic fixed it. I also had to do the same for another computer and then I fucked with it for fun. While it was on I unplugged the power to the hard drive. Then I was going to put it back in when it sparked at me so I dropped it and unplugged the computer. I put everything back and turned it on. It didn’t work. I was like “oh shit.” So a little more messing around and I got it to work. Whew.

Lunch – I didn’t go to the wall because I had to practice for the history presentation. It was very creative.

Algebra I – We continued to review and I fell asleep. Near the end of class the teacher called for me and I woke up. I went over and he said he was disappointed with me for getting a D on the last test we took. He knows that I slack during second semester. So he told me no more sleeping or not showing work. Damnit.

U.S. History – We did our presentation. I think we did the best one. Then we went on to work in the book.

I got home and did the usual. I played some Civ 4 and was kicking ass. Russia and me went on the offensive and invaded Mongolia. The war lasted 23 years (ingame). At the start of the war Mongolia sent five armies towards Boston. I sent out some of my own guys to delay them. I ended up turing the tide of the war and pushed Mongolia back to its border. By the time that happened, Russia sent in tanks and helicopters and headed towards Mongolian cities. Once that happened, Mongolia had no chance. Russia burnt the cities to the ground after capturing them. My infastructure for supplies was hit hard, so now I am in the process of recovering what is left. Now to finish off the other three nations.


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