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T-minus 4 days of school left for 2005.
T-minus 6 days until Christmas.
T-minus 7 days until 17th birthday.

Looking good.

Cisco – We reviews IP stuff and then went on to a quiz. Andrew and me talked about Civilization IV and my little computer adventure from Friday night. After that we moved on to Cisco Jeopardy. I got one right and that is good enough.

Economics – I got my binder back. Nothing got taken so it was all good. We took to final notes for the chapter we are one. Then Mr. G talked about how he was really broke back in the day. Some good laughs were exchanged. Then we attempted to work on our board game but no one was motivated. So we just talked for the last ten minutes of class.

English – We did SSR and then acted out the book. I sort of paid attention. Yeah, that’s about it.

Computer Repair – John and I worked on a computer. It needed to install Windows 2000 for whatever reason. So we did that. We rebooted and it came back with no video. We were confused so I started fucking around inside the computer and we got video back. That was all skill. Then we started to install Microsoft Office. The bell rang before it finished.

Lunch – Went to our stairs and talked to Aaron. Andrew had detention for five or so minutes then he came over. I am a bit sketchy on what we exactly talked about, but I remember some System of a Down talk and bitching about fat people. Yeah, a normal lunch.

Algebra I – We did a review packet for the final starting on Thurday. I slacked off since it isn’t going to be graded or collected. Oh, and I know everything.

U.S. History – We got in a group for a play type thing we have to act out about labor riots back in the 1800s. I got in a group with a lot of people I know and we mainly screwed around all period. I wonder if we are ready to present tomorrow.

I got home and checked all my sites I go to and then went down to watch some 24 season 4 and ate some chips and salso. Yum. Then I played some Mercinaries. Blew the shit out of everything. Fun time. My mom is cooking some sloppy joes for dinner and I plan on playing some Civilization IV. I’m going to try and not stay up to win, but it is hard to let go.


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