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I hated the mission I just beat on Mercenaries. I had to assualt another card and he had superb anti-aircraft weaponery. I came in with a helicopter not knowing that when I get an AA Launch message. I try to decend as quicky as I can. I land right as my copter gets hit. It explodes. I am surrounded by hundreds off guys and a tank. I hijack the tank and destroy the guard towers, barracks, and anything else that was in my way. Then I had to go through a gate to get to the objective. I jumped out of the tank and walked up to the gate. It didn’t open. I then pulled out some C4 and planted it. It exploded and the gate didn’t open. I found a RPG and fired it. It still didn’t open. I called in a helicopter to pick me up so I could go over the wall twice. Both blew up by AA. I was pissed by then. After a lot of thinking I said to myself “Wait, why didn’t I just get in the tank and drive up?” So I did and it opened. I felt like a dumbass. Then I completed the mission.

Only 2 more Diamond guys to go. :)


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