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Well, if things couldn’t get worse. I went to the store real quick with my mom to pick up a few things. We came back home and I starting cooking my dinner (3 frozen burritos from the store). My brother came down and started drinking the BAWLS that my mom bought for him. Then he went upstairs to play. So my food finishes and I grab my BAWLS that I bought. After I finish both I go to my room to read a magazine (it wasn’t that, so don’t get any ideas :P ). After a few minutes I start hearing my brother yelling to my mom. I open my door and my brother comes running up saying that I drank his second drink. I said “What?” And then he told me that he was supposed to get a second one. Apparently nobody told me to pick up another one at the store for him. So he thought that mine was his. I told him “Oh boo hoo!” He got pissed and went in his room and slamed the door.

Tough luck asshole. :P


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    • Nakilius the Great
    • Posted December 25, 2004 at 6:38 pm
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    lol, thats hella funny, man. for a second there i though you were going to get in trouble

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