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Christmas is a week away. This is the one year where my school gives me more time off before Christmas and less time after it happens. We usually get off 3 days before Christmas and have a week and a half after it. This year (or next year or whatever) we have to go back on the 3rd of January. We usually went until January 6th of 7th. Damn school.

Anyway, I will attempt to have a fun day. I am currently stuck on a drag race in Need for Speed Underground. I keep smacking in to cars or losing to nitrous loving assholes. Maybe I’ll play some good ol’ Splinter Cell. The games in the series are fun. Some people might not like them because you have to actually use strategy and stealth. I don’t mind. It is a very fun game. I can’t wait for Chaos Theory to come out next year. My brother tries to beat the game Rambo style. He fails.

Also, I just upgraded my Trillian to version 3.0. It is a good IM program. No need to download many seperate IM programs when you have Trillian. It supports AIM, YIM, MSNIM, ICQ, and IRC. (I sound like an advertisement. :P ) Anyway, if you want to contact me, my AIM name is nfxfsxwarx and my MSNIM name is

And that about raps up this post.


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