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It seems the very confused bastards over in the United Arab Emirates thought it will be cool to make a tower that is 800 meters tall. That is almost half a mile. You won’t see me going in that thing.

More facts about it:

-160 Floors

-accessible via a series of double-decker elevators

-800 metres tall – just 5 metres shy of half a mile

-completed in 2008

A little over-the-top, don’t you think? Well look at what it looks like:

Plan on going to it now? :P I can just imagine it getting blown up or something. That thing is going to be a huge target for happy terrorists.

Anyway, I got me a new book. It is called Splinter Cell. Yes, it is based off the game with the same name. I’ll start reading it tomorrow.


One Comment

  1. You know big beautiful buildings symbolize progress and forward thinking. So we can even take it a step further and say that not only will that building attract terrorists because it is excessively tall but because it also speaks to progress in the region. But I like to believe they have their own self regulating (more powerful than ours) mafia.

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