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1 day down, 4 to go until vacation.

History – Read out of the book and then did two pages from a worksheet. I got that done fast.

English – Read parts of To Kill a Mockingbird. We have lots of homework for that class. Fucking teacher. Also, a friend of mine had fun coloring my nails black. :P

PE – Walked the track and talked.

Science – We reviewed for the upcoming test. Also, I have to turn in my project tomorrow. I’ll add the finishing touches tonight.

Lunch – I got punched for talking about porn by the girl who colored my nails. She is touchy on that stuff. Also, I had to do something with saying the number four. Knowing me, I screwed up. :P

Web Design – Continued on the project due Friday. I messed around with Command Prompt and sent messages to people. I also found out I am getting a 100% A+ in that class. The highest grade. GO ME! :P

Math – We finally were able to do group work. I talked most of the time. Didn’t get much work done.

Vacation needs to come!


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