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Well, my parents are back. They just left for some church thing. Since I hate church to the extreme, I stayed home. I looked up some info for my project, but I haven’t started it yet. I will soon. It is due Tuesday. The teacher said that we should think that it is due Monday so we get it done during the weekend. It doesn’t work. :P

Anyway, Christmas will be here in 13 days. I’m looking forward to all the presents I know I am getting. I am disliking the fact that I have to go to my Aunt’s house for Christmas. I hate my cousins. I can’t stand any of them. One tries to be a gangster (fails easily), one tries to be sane (he is fucking crazy), one is a young annoying ant, one is the perfect princess (fucking lie), and the last one is still just a baby. All male cousins except for one and I can’t stand any of them. That is why I never go to any family thing.

Also, I turn 16 in 14 days! :)


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