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Finally it is friday. School is done and my days off are here.

History – Worksheets. Very quick and easy stuff. I got it done first.

English – We watched the movie of To Kill a Mockingbird. After laughing through the first 10 minutes of it, I fell asleep. The movie is way too boing for me.

PE – Walked track and talked about boring shit.

Science – Copied down notes from the board and overhead. Boring day so far.

Lunch – Take a guess. Anyway, we talked about super religious people and how they act. We were bored and I was the one who said something to start it. :P

Web Design – Continued the project. I am almost done. :)

Math – Same ol’ crap. We are taking the test on Monday. I got to study.

I hope I get a weekend alone. I got to wait a few more hours until I know for sure.


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