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Today was wet and interesting. No, sadly there were no wet t-shirts, but that’s not the point. :P

History – We did some book work and then listened to the teacher talk about the French and American Revolutions. Class went by pretty fast.

English – Oh what a painful period. First off it was the last day to do presentations. I knew we were going to go. After listening to one group it was our turn. One of the people from my group went up to the teacher and said we couldn’t do it. In my head I said to myself “WTF is going on?” Then I saw him drop a computer chip on the teacher’s desk. The teacher looked at it and said “Why?” Then the guy said that it dropped and got stepped on. That chip had our entire presentation on it. We were fucked. So the next group went. After they finished, the teacher got up to address the class. He said he was disappointed at the groups because the didn’t follow the rules that he set. We got it worse though.

PE – I was feeling down. The teacher gave us a choice and me and my “techie” friend went weight lifting.

Science – We played round 2 of a game we started yesterday. It is were we simulate a virus or disease outbreak. It made class go by pretty fast.

Lunch – It started to rain as I got to the wall. One of my group members from English said she was going to yell at the guy who dropped the chip. I decided not to get involved. I do not need to get in anymore trouble since my parents know a lot of teachers and staff at the school due to things I have done in the past. So I stood at the wall with “techie”. We talked about various things. It was raining hard by then. We started playing around with my friend’s blunt swords. Fun for everyone. :P

Web Design – I did one or two things. I didn’t really feel like working on the project. Five minutes before we got out I started playing with Command Prompt. I started send messages to people and see if they noticed.

Math – We corrected our work and then started a mid-chapter review. After that the teacher assigned us homework. One of the people in my class said we didn’t cover one part of the chapter. Everyone told her to shut up. He went back and tought us. It was confusing as hell. So now I have harder homework than previously.

That’s about it for right now. I might have one more post tonight. I am going to play some of that Vampire game.


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