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I’m bored so I will cover some of my school day (I’m in comp class :P )

History – Finished a movie about that French art museum. Also talked about French and American revolutions.

English – Continued presentations. My group presents tomorrow. I hope we do good.

PE – Walked track, screwed around, talked, you know that. :P

Science – We got a disease topic for a project due next Tuesday. I got smallpox. Now what to do for it. Hmmm…I’ll make some. :P

Lunch – We talked about old TV shows and cartoons we used to watch. Good times. We also learned how corny they are.

Web Design – I am currently in this class right now. My “techie” friend deleted his folder. Good laugh out of that. :P

Math -Haven’t gone to yet.

Part 2 will come when I get out of school.


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