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Yeah, I know some German.

Anyway, today was uneventful. Very boring. I wasn’t able to get on the XBOX at all due to my stupid fucking brother. He was supposed to do a report today, but he didn’t. My parents got mad at him, but they didn’t ground him like they did to me. WTF? They let it slide to tomorrow. That is bullshit. I never got that treatment. I am pissed. These fucking old people are pissing me off with their laziness to discipline the fuck.

Now on to other issues. As you might not notice or know at all, I suffer from a few things that might make me act different. No, I’m not mental. No, not gay. No, not…you know what, fuck it. I’ll just list them.

List (you figure out a name):

Slight Depression – Sometimes I get depressed about issues concerning people around me (not that I usually care). Things go through my mind and stuff. You get the idea right?

Asshole Syndrome – Yes, I made my own syndrome. Cool, isn’t it? Anyway, I can be an asshole a lot. It is easy. Say something dumb, piss people off, you know how it goes. One of my downfalls.

misc things – I suffer from many other things, but there are too many to name. If you know me well, you know them. :P

That’s about it for now.


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