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Today’s school day proved to be longer to me for some reason. Don’t know why. Anyway, here’s what happened.

History – Got in and the teacher asked my friend (he’s a techie :P ) to fix the VCR. It wasn’t working right. My friend couldn’t fix it so we had to do a worksheet. Pretty easy stuff. Got it done and turned it in. I asked another friend if he did his math homework. He said yeah and let me borrow it to copy.

English – Turned in my grammer paper and then went over it. After that we got in our project group and finalized what we needed to do.

PE – Walked with my “techie” friend and talked about Half-Life 2.

Science – Had to do a worksheet about viruses. My table got in trouble say we had to stay in for a few minutes.

Lunch – The wall, ’nuff said. There was a lot of leaving and coming back. We also discussed plans to…um, nevermind.

Web Design – Worked on an entirely new project. We have to build a site out of Flash. I only got the logo done so far.

Math – I have a 60.4% for a grade. I am glad that there is a .4. THANK YOU GRADING SYSTEM! Anyway, I gave back the guy’s work to him and then we got a packet of crap to do. I also talked with another friend about a site I found that teaches you things you could get arrested for. :P Fun for everyone.

Yep. And if you wanted to know, I won’t explain the title. :P


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